Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas exchange gift

This is the table runner and Christmas tree I made for the gift exchange this year.
  I hope Cruz likes it!  And, I made a bell ornament for everybody too.
A little funky, but fun! (I thought I'd better get a picture before I gave it away) 
Here is a little hummingbird I made today.  He is cute, but I am not sure WHAT to do with him just yet.  He may remain a single little unit, all by himself. 
The pattern is from Margaret Rolfe.  I LOVE her patterns. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh dear!  I am NOT so good at this blogging thing.  Now, I will attempt this... AGAIN! (Saving stuff along the way this time... slow learner here)  I HOPE I've followed the "RULES/guidelines". 
Ok, so first I would like to thank Mdm Samm for introducing me to blogs, Jill, from Jillily Studios, for her pattern, and Pauline for her organizational skills. THANK-YOU.   I am putting this up a little early, due to the time difference here in Tucson.  I am not comfortable trying to post from a different time zone.  (knuckle head)

Here is a picture of my pillow.

Oh, it is so CUTE!  and, it looks very much like the pattern.  But, after seeing so many cute versions, I thought I'd try some varitey too. 
some buttons for interest....


So, after completion, I commented to my son that I had made the "unabridged version, seven houses with ornate beaded gables".  Then, I had a brilliant thought (light bulb flashes ON), Oh, it will be a shout-out to Mr. Hawthorne,  "I will  name it: Seven Houses with Gables".   "ummm-hummm", my son replied, "nice".  But after looking at it, he said "but... where are the bulls?"  "bulls, what bulls?" I replied.  "The gay bulls".  After two seconds of considering if I should actually add some happy bulls to the scene, I decided I'd call it "Excuse me, do you happen to know the way to the old Applebee barn?"  Yup, there is an apple with bees on that last wooden house!  (And, YES, I'd benefit from more photo lessons from Mdm Samm) 
Oooo, yes, those stars GLOW in the dark too. 
I've seen so MANY good things that I would LOVE to incorporate into my little village.  I think I will add some window treatments and door details.  And, maybe the neighborhood needs some cats too.  The possibilities are endless....  what's in YOUR village????
So, here are the other fabulous pillows for today:
Thursday November 29

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